Avocados at their best

Do you love ripe food?  If so, I’ve got exciting news. Avocados (from California) are in season right now. As a bratty kid, I turned up my nose at avocados.  Now, when they are just slightly brown, like the one I cut up and enjoyed right out of the skin today, I consider them a pleasure to eat. Their craggy, unapologetically bumpy, natural surface somehow makes them more lovable.  Bucking the norm, they are fruit that is mostly healthy fat.  Just like Josh Charles’ nose is perfect in its unconventionality, the avocado wins me over.  And making food more authentic, fresher, and more in tune with the season add texture to daily life.

I always thought it was funny the first part of their name in Spanish, “aguacate,” means “water,” while their texture is creamy. A little online research on etymology of the word led me to the answer that the name is actually taken from the Aztec (Nahuatl) word for the fruit. When Spanish-speaking people tried to say it, it became “aguacate.” Another mispronunciation that stuck.

Here’s a shot of the avocado I enjoyed.  Eye candy for the foodie!  Image


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