Spanish Speaking RD


Our team includes a bilingual registered dietitian and a network of skilled Spanish-speaking associates who work as editors.  We produce high-quality translations from English to Spanish or Spanish to English, expressing your ideas.  We specialize in helping professionals in the nutrition, healthcare, and culinary fields.  With background in tutoring and educational models, we also offer assistance to those who lecture in English though it is not their first language.  We can listen to your lecture and assist you with editing and delivery.

Services offered:

  • Translation of online or printed content into Spanish or English
  • Development of materials in Spanish or English
  • Assistance for lecturers preparing lectures in English, especially those whose first language is Spanish or another Latin-based language.
  • Other related services. Talk to us about what you need.

Beth Klos, RD, LDN, CDE and her bilingual editors are the force behind “SpanishSpeakingRD.com.”  Beth conceived the idea to have articles written by a dietitian available to anyone who speaks Spanish, with English versions alongside.  She is a seasoned bilingual dietitian who trained and worked in medical settings for many years.  Her interest in nutrition grew out of a love of fresh, healthy, high-quality food.  She loves exploring other countries, including their cultures and cuisine.

Reach us at: SpanishSpeakingRDatgmail.com (use the @ sign instead of “at” when you email us.  It was written out to prevent spamming.)

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